About Us

Many households are currently facing rising bills due to people spending more time at home. We also know that people are searching for the most impactful things they can do to help with climate change. Bill knows that creating environmental value goes hand in hand with creating financial value for gas, energy, and water users. Bill’s got a simple goal: to make it as easy as possible to get support with money and help you live a sustainable life at home. His website supports customers who might be anxious they are spending more than they have or are considering being kinder to the environment with their water, gas and electricity use.

Bill knows you:

  • Don’t want to be lectured in any way
  • Do want a warm home and a boost to your spending power – while also reducing your carbon emissions

How you can start – three things to ask yourself:

  1. Can I enhance my home living, achieve my household goals and improve my quality of life?
  2. Could I increase my spending power, by taking independent advice and information that is easy to understand and simple to follow?
  3. Would hearing the skills, expertise and know-how of Auriga help my basic income go further?

What’s the purpose of Bill?

Auriga Services designed Bill as a role model to tackle some serious themes in an informal way. His knowledge comes from their 17 years in leading customer service, offering

  • Rounded, simple advice encouraging and motivating you to manage money better, receive the correct entitlements, access funding and reduce your demand for water and energy
  • Free online tools to self-assess and personalise advice, based on your home’s characteristics
  • For managing debt, he encourages you to contact Auriga who are offering free 1:1 in-depth and impartial advice over the phone or web-based – advice from the comfort of your home.

About Auriga Services

Auriga Services set up the online service, Ask Bill, as they are committed to supporting those who need help.

Auriga is:

  • A valued UK provider of services to people who are experiencing money issues.
  • A trusted supplier of crisis support and hardship assistance, currently working with 100s of charities and businesses including Severn Trent Water, Barnados and dozens of local organisations.
  • Friendly and non-judgemental – their skill is knowing how to make whole process of dealing with money worries feel straightforward. They employ over 80 talented people who give personal support to households wanting help on money, debt and efficiency. On a daily basis Auriga help 1,700 people with the challenges they face.

Through ‘Ask Bill’ they are allowing access to knowledge which can improve everyone’s wellbeing and home living. The online information addresses specific needs and actions about money and efficiency.

David Woakes, Business Development Director of Auriga, said:

“In these difficult and challenging times we have founded this website to provide free and impartial advice to help everyone save money. The website includes tips on how to reduce your utility bills, managing your money and dealing with debt issues. We can all learn something from Bill and he’s here to help if you’re struggling to make ends meet.”