Groceries are an essential part of every household’s budget. Supermarkets are designed to influence your spending, by budgeting and preparing in advance, you can shop savvy to save money on these essentials.

Make a shopping list

Write down all the things you need to buy and plan meals for the week, this will stop you picking up items that you don’t need. Money Advice research found 60% of people who take a shopping list to the supermarket save money.

Use loyalty cards or points

If your supermarket offers them, remember to collect your points each time you check out.

Shop around

All shops offer different products and prices, it’s worth shopping around for the best prices. You can use a comparison site to check which supermarket has the cheapest deals. You can also consider bargain shops for cleaning products and toiletries.

Watch out for deals

Supermarket deals can be a good way of saving money but remember: a deal is only good if you needed the item and if you can use the item before it goes out of date.

Yellow stickers

Check out any reduced items, if you would buy it normally and can freeze it, then it could be a bargain.

Other quick ways to save while you shop

  • Pick up a basket, once it starts getting heavy you won’t want to over fill it
  • Take your own bags to save buying supermarket ones
  • Try supermarket own brands