Broadband, TV and Phone

If you’ve been with your TV, phone or broadband provider for a while, you may want to consider switching using price comparison sites.

Before you switch

Contact your current provider and check if you’re still in contract- leaving a contract before the end could attract cancellation fees.

Check the available speed

Check the available speed for your address and the type of broadband you could receive – fibre or standard. This can normally be found on the provider’s website.

Other things to consider

What services you need?

  • Speed and data allowance, TV channels and calls
  • Contract length – shorter flexibility vs longer contracts
  • Check if prices are introductory periods only
  • Check for provider ratings
  • Could you get it cheaper as part of a package? It may be cheaper to take one package for all services
  • Any costs involved – some companies may charge installation, connection or delivery charges

Before you commit

Make sure you have checked all the contract details including; costs, price increases, and length of contract.


You will need to contact your current supplier to give them notice to end your service. When you call to terminate, your current supplier may offer you a better deal to stay. Once you have confirmed your switch, in most cases your new provider will do the rest.

Broadband Tariffs

Internet connection is a crucial utility in the modern world. If you’re struggling to afford broadband, some providers have low-cost tariffs to help. These are available for between £10 and £20 a month, and can save more than £200 a year on average.

Eligibility for these tariffs are often based on whether you receive certain benefits. Find out more about broadband tariffs by contacting your provider or by visiting this address.